“Little Boy Blue” is “One of the Most Powerful Dog Stories Ever,” Florida Newspaper Says

Posted on January 6, 2013


The Daytona Beach News-Journal in Florida has just published its review of Little Boy Blue, calling it “one of the most powerful dog stories ever.”

Reviewer Ruth Oneufer writes: “The book unfolds like a mystery and exposes the brutal reality of what still goes on in many of America’s shelters and the grass-roots efforts that are turning it all around. The moments of joy and the signs of real progress carry the reader through the uncomfortable reality of too many homeless dogs. … Kavin never becomes preachy and the story never becomes overly heartbreaking. Her background in journalism allows her to keep the book moving along in the search for solutions. There are numbers and statistics, information that has attribution. … All of it is woven into a joyful story of the adoption of a puppy named Blue.”

We are, as always, honored and humbled to receive such a glowing review. We’re posting it on the book’s official page of review excerpts, and we appreciate the way the writer recognized that quite a lot of reporting went into telling this ultimately heartwarming tale.