“Little Boy Blue” Published in Korea

August 22, 2013


We will admit that we have no idea whether they got the translation right, but a Korean publishing company has just put out “Little Boy Blue” for readers on that side of the world. The title has been changed to “72 Hours,” presumably for the amount of time that Blue (and all dogs) had in […]

New Review: “Little Boy Blue a Must-Read for Dog Lovers”

July 22, 2013


Animal-loving blogger Susan Miers Smith just posted a new review of Little Boy Blue at her site, Thoughts on Paws. Here are some of our favorite excerpts: “If you call yourself a dog lover, you must read Little Boy Blue: A Puppy’s Rescue From Death Row and His Owner’s Journey for Truth by Kim Kavin. […]

ForeWord Reviews Names “Little Boy Blue” Best Pet Book of 2012

July 1, 2013


ForeWord Reviews, which features books by independent and smaller publishing houses, has just announced the winners of its 2012 Book of the Year Contest. I am thrilled to announce that Little Boy Blue took first prize, earning the gold medal in the pet-book category. This is the second national award that Little Boy Blue has […]

“A Must-Read for Any Animal Lover”

July 1, 2013


That headline is from the most recent reader review of Little Boy Blue on Amazon.com, posted this past weekend and bringing us to 75 reader reviews in total. Fifty-nine readers gave us five stars (thank you!) and 10 more readers gave us four stars (thank you too!). That makes our official stats better than nine-out-of-ten […]

Little Boy Blue to be Keynote at Monmouth County Library’s Animal Rescue Day

May 14, 2013


Little Boy Blue author Kim Kavin and Blue himself will be the keynote presenters at an animal-rescue day on Sunday, September 22, at Monmouth County Library in Manalapan, N.J. “I grew up in Monmouth County, and I am thrilled to be a part of this event at the library,” Kim says. “What the library staff […]

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An Op-Ed Generating Predictable, and Unfortunate, Response

May 13, 2013


I wrote an op-ed piece titled “The Good, the Bad, and the Biters” that ran in yesterday’s Boston Globe Magazine. It’s about new rules that the state of Massachusetts is about to announce in public hearings, rules that would require rescue groups to assess a dog’s behavior and disclose all findings to fosters or adopters […]

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New “Little Boy Blue” Review: “The Book is Highly Relevant to Canadian Readers”

May 9, 2013


Connect, a weekly newspaper in Fort McMurray, Canada, just posted this new review of Little Boy Blue. Reviewer Rebekah Benoit writes: “While Kavin’s book focuses on animal shelters in the United States …  the book is highly relevant to Canadian readers. As abhorrent as it may seem, there are animal shelters in Canada which use […]

Review: “One of the Most Moving Books I Have Ever Read”

April 24, 2013


We are thrilled to see a new review of Little Boy Blue on the blog Off the Merry-Go-Round, which is written for parents who have scaled back their careers to spend more time with their families. Dog lovers truly are everywhere, treating their own pooches as beloved members of the family. Blogger Karen Hendricks writes: […]

New Review says “Little Boy Blue” is a “Must-Read for All Dog Lovers Out There”

April 22, 2013


Wag ‘n Woof Pets, a blog that focuses on issues about all kinds of pets, has just posted its review of Little Boy Blue. It calls the book “very well written, thought provoking, and a must-read for all dog lovers out there.” Little Boy Blue author Kim Kavin says her favorite part of the review […]

Writer’s Digest Features “Little Boy Blue” Author

March 25, 2013


Writer’s Digest just uploaded this interview with Little Boy Blue author Kim Kavin. In it, she talks about how she found her literary agent, why she chose to work with Barron’s as her publisher, and which movie star Blue most resembles.