Review: “One of the Most Moving Books I Have Ever Read”

Posted on April 24, 2013


We are thrilled to see a new review of Little Boy Blue on the blog Off the Merry-Go-Round, which is written for parents who have scaled back their careers to spend more time with their families. Dog lovers truly are everywhere, treating their own pooches as beloved members of the family.

Blogger Karen Hendricks writes: “One of the most moving books I have ever read is Little Boy Blue: A Puppy’s Rescue from Death Row and His Owner’s Journey for Truth. Last fall, coincidentally, as my beloved greyhound was dying of bone cancer, I devoured this book, stunned at the statistics and moved to tears by the state of our nation’s animal shelters. Author Kim Kavin, a fellow journalist/writer, did an amazing job of chronicling her experience adopting her dog Blue, interweaving her narrative with eye-opening research.”

Hendricks also gives some great links to information about adopting dogs like Blue, which we really appreciate. That’s what the book’s ultimate message is, and we are excited to see readers continuing to spread the word.