CNN Nominated for Genesis Award for “Little Boy Blue” Coverage

Posted on February 25, 2013


on-cnnWe are thrilled to congratulate news anchor Randi Kaye and her entire team at CNN on their nomination for a 2013 Genesis Award from the Humane Society of the United States.

CNN was nominated for its broadcast featuring Little Boy Blue author Kim Kavin and Blue himself—who sat in a director’s chair and looked at the camera like a good boy for nearly 10 full minutes before and during the interview from CNN’s Manhattan studios.

“Randi Kaye, producer Jason Morrell, and everyone at CNN really cared about Little Boy Blue and getting its story of rescue onto the national media stage in as prominent a way as they could,” Kavin says. “They reported in-depth not only on the conditions at the shelter where Blue was found, but also on how his story is the story of so many homeless dogs across America who deserve this type of media attention. In addition, the whole team at CNN, from the makeup room to the set, helped Blue to feel safe and comfortable, and to stand out as a wonderful example of a great rescue dog before a live, national audience.”

CNN’s team worked with Kavin as well as Rhonda Beach, the rescuer who saved Blue from Person County Animal Control in North Carolina, to create a package that included photographs from inside the shelter, of the shelter’s gas chamber, and more. After the report aired, the shelter sped up its efforts to end all use of the gas chamber and remove it from the premises altogether. It is no longer in use.

CNN has continued to follow the story of Little Boy Blue and the Person County shelter, including in this follow-up report.

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to the entire CNN team. We wish them the best of luck when the Genesis Award winners are announced on March 23.