The Times of Trenton features “Little Boy Blue”

Posted on December 27, 2012


The Times of Trenton featured Little Boy Blue author Kim Kavin in this December 26 article about the trend of rescue groups moving dogs from Southern shelters into homes in the state of New Jersey.

Blue was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Person County, North Carolina, before his photo was placed on, which is where Kim found him and offered to adopt him.

In the Times article, Kim talks about the fact that there is now demand for dogs like Blue in the Northern states, where purebreds used to be the most sought-after puppies. It’s a trend that is helping to ease the strain on shelters that do not have enough adopters in their own areas.

“Something has happened up here where it’s cool to have a rescue dog,” Kim told the newspaper. “People are starting to understand that dogs in shelters mostly are not bad and there are a lot of unwanted puppies.”