New Review Calls Little Boy Blue “An Inspiring Tale”

Posted on November 13, 2012


Yesterday, MyMegaeDog uploaded this review of Little Boy Blue. It’s a personal, thoughtful review from a woman who adopted a dog through and wanted to learn more about who saved him and how, just as Little Boy Blue traces Blue’s background and all the people who are fighting to save dogs like him nationwide.

Here are our favorite excerpts from the review:

“I devoured the book. I could barely put it down and even considered taking it outside with me while I walked the dogs. … Little Boy Blue and Kim Kavin have humbled me, yet again. I have once more found myself in a place where I have overwhelming gratitude to strangers that I may never be able to thank. I have found myself in a place where I am confounded by what people can do when they band together to promote one cause. I am staggered by how so many little pieces can fit together into this grander tapestry of goodwill and positive change. … Little Boy Blue comes highly recommended from me, mainly because I feel that it is an inspiring tale of what the dismal yet necessary truth can encourage people to do and what knowledge can make a person become.”