CNN Host Randi Kaye Features “Little Boy Blue” in Follow-Up Report

Posted on October 14, 2012


Little Boy Blue was featured again this morning on CNN’s Randi Kaye show in a follow-up report to last month’s major feature.

Today’s follow-up story was based on an announcement from Person County, N.C., where Blue was rescued in 2010. The county announced soon after the book’s publication in early August that it would end the use of its gas chamber by animal control officials in summer 2013. This weekend, following continued media and community pressure, the county announced that the gas chamber will no longer be used—effective immediately.

Little Boy Blue author Kim Kavin was quoted this morning on CNN as saying, “I congratulate Person County for taking these first steps toward saving as many dogs like Blue as possible, and for using humane lethal injections when there are truly no other options. Blue and I are now turning our attention to the dozens of other taxpayer-funded, high-kill, gas chamber shelters nationwide. I am already in touch with a leading lawmaker on Capitol Hill, and you will be hearing from us on this issue across the country in early 2013.”