New Review: Little Boy Blue Explains how Dog Adoption is Washing over America like a Tsunami

Posted on October 11, 2012


Kathy Porter, a years-long rescue volunteer who writes the Healing Rescue Dogs blog, just uploaded her review of Little Boy Blue. Here are our favorite parts:

“Kim Kavin’s experience as a professional journalist makes her the perfect author for Little Boy Blue. After adopting a young (male) hound-mix dog that she names Blue, she gets curious about his background. When she finds out that he was scheduled to be killed in the gas chamber that operates out of one of the animal shelters in North Carolina, she decides to find out as much as she can about how he was saved. … Her meticulous research weaves together her personal adoption story around everything that she uncovers about how the adoption movement, washing seamlessly over our country, has become very like a tsunami.”