A Letter from a 12-Year-Old Reader of “Little Boy Blue”

Posted on October 4, 2012


Dear Kim Kavin,

I am a 12-year-old girl from Oklahoma who loves dogs. If I see anything with a dog on it, I will be the first one to grab it to look at it. So, when I saw Little Boy Blue with an adorable picture of a dog, who I would soon know as Blue in The New York Times, I knew I had to buy it.

Once I began to read your book, I knew that I would need a box of tissues next to me whenever I read. Your book taught me so much about what goes on behind the doors of shelters across the country. Hearing about the gas chambers, about Floyd going to the big doggy bone in the sky, the dogs in Annie Turner’s house, and so much more, made me cry. You really made me think about what happens to that cute dog that no one adopted.

So, because of that, I am making sure I donate to a local rescue in town. Little Boy Blue was an amazing book, and I am in awe about how you went all over the country to find out about Blue and other dogs’ fates at shelters.

I adopted my two Schnauzers from the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) here in town. My first dog, Daisy, was a gift from heaven. Right now, she is eight. She is so sweet and loving, but, the people who had her before weren’t. She came from a puppy mill where luckily she only had to be pregnant once. As I read your book, it made me think of what would have happened to her when she was the age she is now. Would she have been killed already? Then, I thought, how would they kill her? They obviously weren’t going to be humane and euthanize her if they were already forcing her to be pregnant, so it left me with three things to think. First, a gas chamber, second, abandonment and third, abuse until death. Thankfully people with amazing love in their hearts found the puppy mill and saved the dogs they could. I don’t know if some of those dogs ended up in gas chambers or in loving homes, but what I do know is that my family helped save one of those dogs.

Kim, you made a 12-year-old girl think about what she read. You made me understand the awful things citizens of this country are doing to tons of dogs without making an attempt to find the dogs homes. You should be beaming with pride.