New “Little Boy Blue” Review: “I Can No Longer Look at Dogs the Same Way”

Posted on September 29, 2012


The blog “Where Books Meet Boats” just uploaded its review of Little Boy Blue. Full disclosure: This blog is written by one of author Kim Kavin’s longtime editors at a marine website. The editor took a look at Little Boy Blue as a friendly courtesy to Kim, and then decided she liked the book so much that she wanted to post a full review, even though the topic of dog rescue is far off the beaten course of her regular boat-related reviews.

One thing that the editor praised was Kim’s efforts to be fair to all sources in Little Boy Blue, something that is often far easier said than done, especially when the research turns up questionable information:

“Kim’s even-handed treatment of everyone keeps this from being a diatribe—though she leaves no doubt about her feelings on the topic of shelters, sterilization, and adoption vs. the purchase of pure bred animals. Everyone—shelter operators, transport drivers, dogsitters—receives the benefit of the doubt that is always due to good-hearted people who sometimes end up doing the wrong thing.”

Read the full review of Little Boy Blue at “Where Books Meet Boats.”