Our Favorite Letter So Far from a “Little Boy Blue” Reader

Posted on September 17, 2012


Dear Kim,

Good morning!  I just wanted to let you know I read your book after seeing it reviewed by The Bark.  It wasn’t the lighthearted romp through getting a new rescue pup I was hoping for, but it was very thought provoking.  Being from Louisiana, I was unfortunately not shocked by the statistics of the kill shelters as you were, or by the parade of strange people and sometimes nefarious motivations involved in resuce.  I’ve tried volunteering before, and have had such negative experiences with some of the local groups that I had pretty much sworn it off.

But, reading your book gave me more sympathy for people involved in rescue, and more understanding on how they can become so on edge and strange.  After reading your book, I talked with my fiance, did some research, and last weekend we brought our first foster dog, a fantastic five-year-old beagle named Stella, home to hang out with our pack of two dogs and two cats.  I think the shelter group I’ve taken up with this time (CAAWS) is much more professional and knowledgeable, as they’ve been around since the late ’70s, and so far they’ve been very pleasant to work with.

So I just wanted to say thank you for the perspective your book offered, and hopefully I can make a small difference in my corner of the world as a result.

P.S.  Here’s Stella’s Petfinder profile! 

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