What Human Might Play Blue in a ‘Little Boy Blue’ Movie?

Posted on August 22, 2012


Kim Kavin and Little Boy Blue

Kim and Blue in April 2012

That’s just one of the questions that author Kim Kavin answers in a new Q&A for Coffee with a Canine.

Kim also talks about how Blue got his name, the ruckus he causes every night at bedtime, and what he’s really looking at in the photograph at right, which appears on the hardcover’s book jacket.

Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Squeaky toy, ball, stick…?

A: Honestly, whatever toy is in the mouth of whatever foster puppy we have in the house for Lulu’s Rescue, which is one of the groups that helped to save Blue’s life. We’ve had 19 fosters in the past year, since I learned about the need while writing Little Boy Blue. All of the sudden, all of these toys Blue used to be bored with are suddenly hot stuff and in demand. Whatever the foster dog picks up, Blue wants it. And if the dogs have nothing in their mouths, then he wants their full attention to play.