Little Boy Blue to “Appear” in Roxboro, North Carolina

Posted on August 10, 2012


On Saturday, September 15, author Kim Kavin and her dog Blue will be featured in a special video being created specifically to support Concert for a Cause in Roxboro, North Carolina.

Concert for a Cause is being organized by Rhonda Beach of Chances Angel Rescue and Education. Rhonda is the volunteer rescuer who saw Blue on death row in her local shelter more than two years ago, knelt down next to his cage, and got him to walk over and say hello to her. She saw that he was absolutely terrified, and she saved him by bringing him into the rescue network that ultimately led him to his home 500 miles away in New Jersey.

Kim and Blue are honored to support Rhonda’s Concert for a Cause, since proceeds will help dogs scheduled to die in the same shelter where Blue was nearly killed. That shelter, unless rescue groups intervene, has a year-after-year kill rate of about 95 percent. Many of the dogs die in a gas chamber. Events like Concert for a Cause are what help rescuers in the Roxboro area do the life-saving work that is often the only hope for wonderful dogs like Blue.


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