A Book that “Will Stay with You after You Finish Reading It”

Posted on August 1, 2012


Pet News and Views just published its review of “Little Boy Blue.” Here is our favorite part:

“Kim explores the ‘whys’ behind the need for dog transports and promotes adoption over breeding. She uncovers many surprising facts about animal shelters and how the system works. Writing about kill shelters can be harrowing. Yet, Kim writes in a beautiful manner making it an important, not frightening, read. She talks about why shelters need to be run as businesses, and provides examples of well run ones. Her knowledge of pet transportation rescues is insightful, and everyone involved in pet rescue should read ‘Little Boy Blue.’ This is a memoir that touches on Kim’s life as a journalist, pet parent, foster pet parent, and pet rescue volunteer. It’s a rich life filled with kindness and care, and her book will stay with you after you finish reading it.”