Feathered Quill Interview with “Little Boy Blue” Author Kim Kavin

Posted on June 25, 2012


The editorial team at Feathered Quill Book Reviews liked “Little Boy Blue” so much that they not only published a stellar review, but also requested an extended interview with the author.

Some of the hard-hitting questions that Feathered Quill asked include:

When I read about your initial encounter with Ron Shaw, the Animal Control Officer for Person County, North Carolina, I thought, “Wow, that lady isn’t afraid of anything.” You asked really tough questions and didn’t back down. During the encounter, were you a little nervous?


You don’t mince words in your book and you also don’t protect anybody you encountered from the truth of what they are doing, when it comes to the welfare of dogs. The chapter where you visit Annie Turner’s home comes to mind. Was it a difficult decision to include mention of these people in your book?

Read the full responses to these questions and more in the Feathered Quill Book Reviews interview with “Little Boy Blue” author Kim Kavin.