“If you love dogs, this is one book you must read”

Posted on June 21, 2012


Feathered Quill Book Reviews just published its review of “Little Boy Blue.” Our favorite line is: “If you love dogs, this is one book you must read.”

The reviewer says “Little Boy Blue” changed her plans for her next dog, which will now be a rescue.

We are thrilled to reply with a hearty woo-hoo!

The reviewer’s broader comments include:

“Anger, heartbreak, and happiness are just a few of the emotions you’ll experience as you read this book. Kavin is not timid, and goes right to the people in charge of the shelters to ask the how, why, and how-could-you questions that you, too, will want answered. She introduces the reader to numerous groups working, against the odds, to save as many dogs as possible. And while she uses plenty of statistics and facts to back up everything she says, the book reads like a mystery unfolding and not a technical journal on the world of animal shelters. If you love dogs, this is one book you must read. It’s too important not to bring to light the awful truths surrounding our ‘throw-away’ dogs.”

Read the full Feathered Quill review of “Little Boy Blue.”