A Thousand People Line Up for Little Boy Blue at Book Expo America

Posted on June 7, 2012


“Little Boy Blue” author Kim Kavin and her dog, Blue, spent several hours signing advance copies of the book yesterday at the Barron’s booth at Book Expo America. It was Blue’s first-ever trip to New York City (or any major city, for that matter), his first time in a huge parking garage, his first time walking across a road with more than two lanes, his first time walking past food carts on the street, his first time going into a convention center, and his first time being exposed to hundreds upon hundreds of strangers who lined up to pet him and meet the author.

At the end of the afternoon, Kim had signed more than 900 advance copies of “Little Boy Blue” and about a thousand people had pet Blue, taken photos with him, and taught him how wonderful most human beings are compared with the ones who left him for dead in a gas-chamber shelter two years ago. Blue especially liked the three-year-old boy in line who tried to share his lollipop, as well as the woman in the motorized wheelchair who gave him a treat and taught him that people in moving chairs are not scary, but instead very nice.

Here are some photos from yesterday’s signing at Book Expo America. “Little Boy Blue” is due out in hardcover from Barron’s on September 1.

Kim and Blue in front of the backlit poster of the “Little Boy Blue” cover, which Barron’s created as part of its display at Book Expo America.

The line for signed advance copies was out the booth and into the corridor all day long. Kim signed more than 900 books yesterday.

Happy fans of “Little Boy Blue” getting autographed copies of the advance bound edition.

Pooped in the Barron’s booth after letting a thousand people pet me!