Early Praise for “Little Boy Blue: One Puppy’s Great Escape”

Posted on November 17, 2011


A handful of dog-rescue experts received the first-draft manuscript for “Little Boy Blue: One Puppy’s Great Escape” in early November. While the official editing process continues at Barron’s Books, we sought out expert opinions on the working draft to ensure accuracy when discussing the vast dog-rescue movement across America.

Each reviewer was asked to submit comments before December 1. Several reviewers responded far faster with comments that, we’re proud to say, are pretty darn glowing:

  • “I am so enjoying the book! It’s hard to put it down.”—North Carolina rescue worker
  • “I intended to skim it, but once I started, I couldn’t put it down. I was up until 1:30 in the morning reading.”—Massachusetts shelter director
  • “I am really enjoying it so much as it weaves the ugly reality with cute Blue stories, so it presents very difficult facts in a way that average dog owners who know nothing of what goes on will be absorbed, without having to put it down.  Just when you think it is beyond horrible (heartsticks and gas chambers) then it lightens up so you take a breath and continue along  the journey with you. The people you interviewed are a great mix. Congrats on an awesome soon-to-be bestseller that I am sure will grab the population that is like you were, and open their eyes into action.”—Pennsylvania rescue worker

We’re expecting final comments from a few more rescue advocates in the next couple of weeks. We’ve also given copies of the working draft of “Little Boy Blue” to a large book club to gauge the initial response of general-interest readers. Stay tuned for that feedback, as well.